Courses on Dyscalculia

Now that I have retired, I no longer run or deliver courses about dyscalculia.

Professional development in schools

Any school wishing to offer inexpensive training for their own teaching staff is welcome to use my ebooks – and, in particualr, the short demonstration videos embedded into the ebooks – as the basis for a series of practical training sessions, run by, and for, their own staff. A collaborative course can be easily put together by providing a copy of the relevant ebook for each member of staff and having various participants take responsibility for presenting one of the topics or chapters to the rest of the group. 

One of the most significant advantages of putting together your own course is that, when practitioners in the same school are all collectively responsible for making decisions about, and delivering, CPD training, the feeling of ownership that is engendered is much more likely to result in new ideas from the course being adopted into day-to-day teaching practice.

Any SENCo or Head who would like more guidance about using my ebooks to devise this sort of hands-on school-based training for a group of teachers working with learners who struggle with numeracy, is welcome to email me at to request a free 8-page information pack containing a detailed course outline. 

Training for individual practitioners

Any individual wishing to develop their own skills is advised to work through the first three ebooks in the series ‘Help your child master numeracy’, in order. Although originally written for parents, the fact that these ebooks are so very detailed and practical, and contain so many hours’ worth of demonstration videos, makes them a suitable (and very inexpensive!) basis for training.