Courses on Dyscalculia

I am based in London and run two kinds of dyscalculia courses.

  • A 2-hour ‘Introduction to Dyscalculia’, presented as a CPD or INSET course held at the participants’ school during a twilight session. This introduction is aimed at teachers, maths subject leaders, SENCOs, SEN specialists, TAs and LSAs. The first hour comprises a talk about Dyscalculia in the context of other Specific Learning Difficulties together with a look at how learners are affected, how they can be identified and how they can best be helped. The second hour is devoted to trying out some practical teaching activities and games. For schools who have already purchased Cuisenaire rods and would like training on how to use them, the second hour (or longer) can be devoted to working with Cuisenaire rods instead. If your school is in London and you would like to arrange for me to come and present an ‘Introduction to Dyscalculia’ to staff at your school (note that the optimum number of participants is 20, with an absolute maximum of 30), please contact me by email on
  • A 9-week (18 hours) intensive course for those teachers and other members of staff who work directly with learners who struggle with basic numeracy and who therefore would like to explore all aspects of dyscalculia in depth. The course is highly practical, delivered in a workshop-style to a strictly limited number of participants. It aims to equip participants with specific teaching strategies to support pupils with specific maths difficulties and will also provide participants with a range of detailed notes and photocopiable resources.
    • Your school – either on your own or in conjunction with one or more neighbouring schools – can invite me to deliver my intensive course to a group of ten (or maximum twelve) members of staff, during weekly twilight sessions at your London site. For details of how this might work, please contact me by email on
    • Details of the topics covered in each session of the 9-week intensive Dyscalculia Course can be seen here.